Student Success

Coastline Community College and the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust work collaboratively to ensure your success as a student.

Efficient Collaboration

Coastline Community College has transfer agreements at many 4-year universities for those wishing to continue after getting their associate's degree. Most schools have automatic acceptance for Coastline students who wish to get their bachelor's degree. Talk to your Coastline Academic Advisor to learn more.

BHMT & Coastline

With the Degree Completion Program, we are working together to create innovative programs that will enhance your academic and future professional experience.


Coastline Community College, in partnership with the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust, provides quality, innovative, and flexible educational pathways, and enhanced student support services for Kaiser Permanente employees, so they can develop professionally.

Student Support

Coastline Community College and BHMT work together to ensure student success by utilizing academic advisors, counselors, and a wide-range of resources to help students complete their educational journey.

Program Information

Flexible Education Options

Coastline Community College offers five 8-week sessions during the year.

Contact Us

Interested in our services and classes or have a question about registration? Give us a call at 714-241-6132.

Simplified Enrollment Process

Employees meeting eligibility-criteria have a simplified enrollment into the BHMT Degree Completion program.

Transferability of Classes

Coastline regularly transfers students to numerous public and private colleges and universities nationwide.