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NEW effective Spring 2020

Textbooks are now provided through the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust Fund to all students who are eligible for funding at Coastline College.

Enrolled students will receive a textbook voucher via email approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes or within 2-3 business days if registering late.  Students should wait until they received their voucher before they order their books. This voucher will allow students to order and ship (Ground Shipping ONLY) course materials directly to their personal address. 

NOTE:  In instances of print and digital options, vouchers cover digital/e-book ONLY.  Students who select PRINT options in lieu of digital/e-book will be financially responsible for the difference in cost.  

Tuition Reimbursement Participants

BHMT participants using Tuition Reimbursement (not eligible for BHMT funding) are responsible for purchasing course materials.  To better serve our Corporate and Contract Education students, we have partnered with Missouri Bookstore (MBS) to provide FREE standard shipping of textbooks and course materials. 

To find the textbooks and course materials for your course(s), please refer to the Course Materials list (PDF).  NOTE: "NEW ONLY" materials may include access codes or DVD/CDs and must be purchased through Missouri Bookstore (MBS)

Students frequently save money by renting, buying used, or purchasing e-book access for courses. If the Course Materials list indicates used, rental, or e-books are available through another source, you may research the 13-digit ISBN at

For more information contact us at (714) 241-6132 Option 1 or email